Business Process Outsourcing Services

Out sourcing is the new mantra for getting the work done economically, efficiently and with a level of expertise. Out sourcing has several benefits which are as follows:

  • Enables business to concentrate on core business activities.
  • Use of manpower for more important functions
  • Investment in fixed assets reduced/minimized.
  • Substantial Savings in Cost.
  • Services of experts made available.
  • Improved Internal Controls
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities to provide more timely and accurate financial data.
  • Off-site Backup of Data.

The collective knowledge and our 3 decades of experience is our key asset. We have a good experience in following activities:

  • Statutory Audits of Banks
  • Stock /Inspection Audits
  • Concurrent/ Internal Audit
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Verifications,
  • Documents verification,
  • Credit Processing Agency (CPA/CAM) activities
  • Fraud Control Unit (RCU activities)
  • Personal discussions (PD),
  • Visits with the customers for Liquid Income Profile (LIP),
  • Credit Audits
  • Branch/ Revenue Audits
  • Other Activities Handled.