International Taxation

Transfer Pricing

Since many of KSA’s clients are part of multinational groups, almost all of those companies require transfer pricing reports, and most require transfer pricing documentation. The clients include manufacturers, exporters, traders, distributors, service providers, project management groups, EPC groups, licensees, franchisees etc. The intra-group transactions are of diverse nature , and include purchase/sale of goods and services, IPR's, brand license, royalties, technology transfer, cost sharing arrangements, deputation of personnel, central services charge/recharge, management fees, financing transactions and the like. Our team handles various aspects including:

  1.  Proactive planning for transfer pricing transactions and the business model
  2. Advising on choice of arm's length method and acceptable earnings benchmarks
  3. Compliance documentation
  4. Assisting with robust inter-company agreements
  5. Defending transfer pricing policies in case of litigation etc.

Expat Taxation

Taxing for expatriate individuals can be a problem. It needs know-how and experience to ensure smooth transactions. The problem might begin with submitting the form but it does not end there. Tax clearance, tax reviews, offshore banking and investment, all this and more are involved. Tax compliance, however, is a must, but one also has to plan how to optimize tax liability or burden by restructuring the transactions and assets correctly.

Double Tax Avoidance Advisory

The Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) are essentially bilateral agreements entered into between two countries, in our case, between India and another foreign state. We facilitate our client in DTAA Advisory to avoid double taxation based on the nature of Income and expenditure, in both the countries (i.e. Double taxation of same income) and withholding tax issues and other compliance.